We sell a limited number of brands of dog food at Urban Dogz, each of which are organic, grain-free, gluten free and containing a combination of essential botanics & vegetation to ensure a healthy and well balanced digestive and immune system. They are all available in Dry Kibble form, and some in "Wet" form.


All our treats are natural, organic and gluten free. Whether you're looking for a little something to pop into your on-the-go treat bag, or something more substantial like a raw marrow bone or duck neck. We can help you find something to keep your canine companion happy and content.


Here at Urban Dogs we are passionate about grooming. We take a holistic approach to our canine clients, from the moment they enter the parlour to the moment they leave. Detailed consultations, organic shampoos & conditioners, top of the line equipment, and experienced stylists allow your special furry friend to feel safe, secure, relaxed and pampered.


Looking for that little something extra to pamper your pooch? look no further. We offer a range of beneficial organic canine spa treatments. Whether its just a paw softening treatment, an organic mud/charcoal scrub, blueberry exfoliating facial, or an oatmeal soak, these are just a few of the luxurious treatments available to polish your pooch to perfection.


What is life without a little luxury. We sell a variety of clothing and accessories in a range of sizes and styles. Everything from sophisticated countryside-goer to snazzy urbanite-chic. We are always looking for boutique clothing brands, just so you can have that special something that very few have.


Here at Urban Dogs, we know just how important those first months are with your new furry companion. Whether its toileting supplies, training books, toys, food, or medication, we can provide what you need to help make those crucial months less stressful and more special.


We offer a range of toys here ranging from small - large breeds and for a variety of different activities. Whether your dog likes to chase a ball, play tug-of-war, or lounge about and chew! chew! chew!.